Resolume Arena Timecode Clip Trigger

This page will explain how you can use ShowCockpit to trigger clips on Resolume Arena based on incoming timecode.


While Resolume is very efficient in keeping a clip synchronized to an SMPTE (timecode) source, it does not trigger the clips automatically.

The Resolume Arena Timecode Clip Trigger is a driver that will trigger clips in selected layers according to incoming SMPTE time.

Required Elements

For this project, we will require at least 3 elements:

Configure the all elements options according to your preferences and enable them.

Mapping the Timecode Input(s)

Go to the Mapping section and select the Arena Timecode Clip Trigger function "Input Timecode Sync".

In the parameters column, you will be able to select between deck A and B.

Finally, select your timecode source element on the right and on the "Others" tab, click the "Timecode Sync" control to assign the previously selected function (check example above).

If you have two timecode sources, repeat the process for the second TC Input. Make sure you select Deck A on the first one and Deck B on the second one.

Configuring the Trigger Cuelist

Double-click the Arena Timecode Clip Trigger element to open its interface.

If your timecode inputs are running, you should see the times changing on the right.

On the left, a table with a list of cues is presented. You can click the "Add" button to add a cue. Each cue will have a correspondence to a column in Resolume and a respective timecode value. You can double-click any cell to edit it.

Add cues corresponding to times you want to trigger Resolume Arena columns.

The layers to be triggered are selected on the right side, on each Deck (A and B). In Automatic mode (element options), whenever a Deck jumps to a different cue, it will trigger layers selected on "Trigger" row.

The trigger follows a fade time defined also in the element options and will affect the layers selected in the "Fade" row. In example above, having layers 1 and 2 selected in both Decks' "Fade" row will have the following behaviour:

  • Cue changes on Deck A

    • Layer 1 is triggered

    • Layer 1 is faded-in

    • Layer 2 is faded-out

    • The remaining layers level are left untouched (they are not selected on the "Fade" row)

  • Cue changes on Deck B

    • Layer 2 is triggered

    • Layer 1 is faded-out

    • Layer 2 is faded-in

    • The remaining layers level are left untouched (they are not selected on the "Fade" row)

Manual Trigger Mode

If the automatic trigger does not suit your needs, the Resolume Arena Trimecode Clip Trigger element can be set to "Manual" mode in the options.

In this mode, the decks cues are pre-cued waiting for a manual trigger. This manual trigger can come from any button-type control, simply by mapping it to the "Manual Trigger" function.

Selecting the Resolume Arena Element

If you happen to have multiple Resolume Arena elements on your project you can use the menu button "Select Resolume Element" on the top of the element User Interface (you can open it by double-clicking the element).

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