How to use RD/ShowCockpit to convert or translate OSC to MIDI

1. Add the Required Elements

On the Elements section, click the Add button to add the required elements to the project:

  • External Control > OSC > Generic OSC

  • External Control > MIDI > MIDI Output

Click the toggle buttons on the the elements to enable them.

2. Configure OSC Inputs

Double-click the Generic OSC element and add your OSC controls to the Inputs list:

  • Name: name identifier of your control

  • Address: the OSC address

  • ValueIndex: in case the message carries more than one value, select which one to take (zero-based)

  • Range: min and max values for internal normalization

  • Type: button, fader or encoder

  • Note: Name and ValueIndex must be unique (no duplicates)

3. Map OSC controls to MIDI Output

Open the Mapping section and select the desired MIDI Output functions. Start by selecting the MIDI Output element on the left list (functions). Select a desired output (Note On, Control Change, etc.) and tune the parameters.

Finally select the Generic OSC on the right list (controls) and assign the previously selected MIDI Out function to one of your controls.

In case your previously mapped controls do not show up, you can click the Refresh button to reload the controls list.

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