grandMA3 OnPC Hotkeys

Project that mimics the MA2 keyboard shortcuts in the new MA3 system.

ShowCockpit Project File

Download the sample project file below (created on ShowCockpit v3.12.2):

List of Elements Needed

  • grandMA3 - OSC provides the connection to OSC

  • Keyboard listens to keyboard keys without modifiers

  • Keyboard Ctrl listens to keyboard keys with the Ctrl modifier

  • Keyboard Alt listens to keyboard keys with the Alt modifier

  • Keyboard Ctrl + Alt listens to keyboard keys with both the Ctrl and Alt modifiers

  • Keyboard Main should be always enabled to listen to the Scroll Lock key that will be used to enable/disable the other Keybard elements

    • Button Toggler will be connected to the Scroll Lock of the Keyboard Main element and will provide an ON/OFF toggle to that

    • Event Breaker will generate separate Press and Release events for the virtual "Toggle Button" of the Button Toggler element

    • Element Control is responsible for enabling/disabling elements based on the Event Breaker Press/Released Buttons

After downloading the sample project file, you should have a look at it and adjust it to your needs, including any connection options to your MA3 system

List of Keyboard Bindings

The following bindings are set in the sample project file (download above):

  • B: Blind

  • C: Channel

  • E: Edit

  • F: Fixture

  • G: Group

  • L: List

  • O: Off

  • P: Preset

  • S: Store

  • U: Update

  • X: Exec

  • Backspace: Oops

  • Delete: Clear

  • End: Reset

  • Page Up: Page Up

  • Page Down: Page Down

  • Left Shift: MA

  • Left Arrow: Prev

  • Right Arrow: Next

  • Up Arrow: Up

  • Down Arrow: Down

  • Ctrl + A: Align

  • Ctrl + C: Copy

  • Ctrl + D: Delete

  • Ctrl + F: Full

  • Ctrl + H: High

  • Ctrl + L: Learn

  • Ctrl + M: Move

  • Ctrl + O: On

  • Ctrl + S: Select

  • Ctrl + T: Time

  • Ctrl + U: User 1

  • Alt + A: Assign

  • Alt + C: Cue

  • Alt + F: Freeze

  • Alt + G: GoTo

  • Alt + S: Sequence

  • Alt + U: User 2

  • Ctrl + Alt + P: Preview

  • Ctrl + Alt + S: Solo

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