Learn about the Mapping section of the application

The Mapping section is divided in 3 columns: Functions, Parameters and Controls


In this column you select what you want to control. Upon selecting a target element, it shows a list of the available functions for that element.

Click on a Function name to select it.

Note: Only functions with a bolt icon provide feedback!

In the example above, we have selected the "Layer Dashboard Link" function on the "Resolume Arena" element.


After selecting a Function, its parameters will be displayed in the second column. The parameters are always related to the selected function.

In the example above, the selected function ("Layer Dashboard Link") has two numeric parameters: "Layer Number" and "Link Number". Set them according to what you want to control.


Finally, you must select which control you want to assign to the function you selected.

Much like the Functions list, you start by selecting the Element on top (in our example, we used a Midicraft .Fade).

After selecting the element, it will show all the available controls on that element. The tabs help you identify the control types .

Select a Control type (Faders, Buttons, Encoders, Axis, Selectors or Others) and click on the Control name to assign the previously selected function.

Tip: You can assign multiple functions to the same control. For example, you can use the same fader to control two different functions (from the same element or even from different elements).