License FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Licenses

Can I use my license in multiple computers at the same time?

By default, a Pro or Basic license will only allow you to register on a single computer at a time.

If you want to use it in multiple computers at the same time you must upgrade your account with one or more β€œExtra PC”, one per additional computer.

You can, however, move your license between computers (see below).

Note: You will need Internet access to move the license between computers.

How to move my license to a different computer?

Log in the computer you are registered in and open ShowCockpit in License section. Click on the β€œUn-Register” button.

Then, go to your new computer, open ShowCockpit License section and register normally.

Note: You will need Internet access in this step.

How many Extra PCs can I add to my account?

The maximum number of Extra PC upgrades depends on the account type:

  • Basic Account: maximum of 2 Extra PC upgrades (3 PCs total)

  • Pro Account: unlimited Extra PC upgrades

How much does each Extra PC cost?

The Extra PC costs vary with the type of account you own (Basic or Pro).

Prices can be consulted at any time under the Upgrade page on the Store.

Can I Upgrade from Basic to Pro?

Yes, you can upgrade a Basic account to Pro at any time on the Upgrade page on the Store.

Does the Basic to Pro upgrade cost depend on the purchased drivers?

No. The upgrade has a fixed cost, it does not depend on any purchased previously made with that account.

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