Drivers FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about RD/ShowCockpit Drivers

What drivers are available?

Checkout the drivers documentation page for a complete list of drivers.

What drivers to buy?

If you buy the Pro license, all the drivers are automatically included.

On the other hand, if you opt for the Basic license, there is no closed answer to this question.

Since the application is highly modular, every setup is a different case and, therefore, the required drivers will depend on your project requirements. We provide a free demo version for users to test every driver before deciding to purchase.

Demo version available on the Downloads page.

Can I test the drivers before purchasing?

Sure! We highly encourage you to download the application and use it in DEMO mode.

In this mode, you can test every driver (with the exception of the Pro features) for some time - it will require an application restart at random intervals.

Can I request a new driver?

Sure! We receive requests for new drivers on a daily-basis, so we have created a poll on our Facebook user group and give priority to the most requested ones.

Please vote for the driver you want in there to give it a push 😀

What are pre-release drivers?

Pre-release drivers are drivers that are on public Alpha or Beta stages. Alpha and Beta refer to software development stages where the respective components are still under testing.

In case you are a Basic user, you will be able to use a pre-release driver in demo mode (it will work the same way as a driver you did not purchase).

Pro users will be able to test and use pre-release drivers in production (with no time limitations).

If you tested a pre-release driver and you would like to give us feedback (whether positive or negative), please use the “Give Feedback” button on the element options right-side panel.

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